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For the people, by the people; a truly decentralized, tokenized, and community governed project. Coming Soon.

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We’re coming soon. is setting out to be the most widely adopted and decentralized NFT marketplace ever.

The Genesis Team

We are rising up, want to join us? Get in touch

The Revolution

No more walled gardens, exclusivity, preferential treatment, or out right abuse of power.

For the

No more feeling powerless, hopeless, or unheard; this will be the people’s NFT marketplace in every way imaginable.


By the

Built by a team of predominantly non-anonymous community leaders, the genesis team is a not-for-profit organization.


Governed is community-governed in every way possible. We want to make sure that every person’s voice is heard.



A fair, normalized, and time-locked distribution of utility tokens will be the foundation of building long-term trust.



We’re building a revolutionary reward-based system to encourage honest participation and discourage bad actors.



We understand how powerful Ethereum is. We also know that interoperability is the future; we build with that in mind.


Not just another project full of empty promises.

We aren’t here to ring any bells in wall street. We’re here to ring the bell of freedom and put the power into everyone’s hands.

Contribute to the Revolution


Genesis Team Members and Growing.

Leaders from projects across a gamut of industries from scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and more have joined the revolution as contributors.


Participating Projects and Growing.

Lucky Maneki, ForkHunger.Art, Nifty League, The Flower Girls, SotH, Sewer Rat Social Club, and more are earning their holders tokens by participating.


Heroic Poet Society

Want to change the world? Join us and get in touch

Genesis Team & Foundation

The genesis team & foundation is comprised of predominantly non-anonymous contributors whom all believe in the same mission: decentralize everything.

Ali Z // Product Lead // Genesis Team

Ali Zandi

Project Lead

Relentless entrepreneur with 20+ years in the tech industry and a human first approach to everything. Responsible for $30M+ in facilitated domain sales, he is an award winning investor & broker, AAA title audio engineer, SEO, NFT degenerate, helicopter flying aficionado, and a revolutionary at heart.

Ryan M. // Tech Lead // Genesis Team

Ryan Meyers

Lead Developer

He and his daughter created the first 100% Charity NFT. He’s developed smart contracts for numerous projects, custom Discord bots, and web3 integrations. He’s the lead dev at Lucky Maneki, Chief Anthrobotanist at Flower Girls, Dev/Dad @ #ForkHunger, and contributing member to several NFT projects.

Adam K // Cyber Security // Genesis Team

Adam K.

Cyber Security

Contractor/Consultant in the Blockchain, Cloud and IT spaces, including System Architecture and Cybersecurity at Lucky Maneki DAO, and Development & Smart Contract Security Advisor at [redacted]. Ethical hacker, and certified blockchain expert / blockchain security professional.

Esa M. // Front End // Genesis Team

Esa Mikkola

Front-End Lead

Proficient full-stack developer with 15 years of experience. Detail-oriented and focused on usability. Worked together with UI/UX and graphic designers to build highly scalable websites (currently developing Finland’s Tax Administration online services).

Hielke K. // Consultant // Genesis Team

Hielke Kuipers


20 years+ experience in retail management and 10 years in finance/data management in the health sector. In between caregiver for his grandfather. Logical black and white thinker (Ali’s brakes), it’s either right or wrong.

Brandon H. // War Games // Genesis Team

Brandon H.

War Games

Multipotentialite with 9 years in the crypto currency industry. Guardian of Satoshi’s vision. Maneki AR Project lead. Mined on first ever Bitcoin Asic’s. Blockchain advisor for 5+ years. Creator of animated NFT derivative’s. Happily married father of 2.

Charbel A. // UI UX // Genesis Team

Charbel Akhras


Originally from Greece, living in London. Loves all things design, photography, and passionate NBA geek. 13+ years experience as UX/UI designer working with some of the largest ad agencies worldwide such as R/GA, AKQA, Ogilvy, and Tribal.

Matt S // Marketing // Genesis Team

Matt Street

Marketing Lead

20+ years of professional sales, business development and marketing experience. Volunteer Guardian for the Lucky Maneki Community where he’s secured IRL partnerships for sake, coffee, whiskey, Japanese streetwear, and Vodka.

C.T. // Strategic Partnerships // Genesis Team


Strategic Partnerships

15+ years in sales with a passionate ability to network, cold call, and close new business. He has a unique ability to detect frequencies in people and situations. Born in the city of Nike, he is also a former full ride college ball player.

Bolo Dave // Consultant // Genesis Team

Bolo Dave


Grammy-nominated music producer turned NFT-enthusiast. After seeing the power of Web3, he has used his creativity to develop game theory, brands, and cultures of NFT projects. Most notably, Nifty League as a Community Manager.

Daniel N. // Legal Consultant // Genesis Team

Daniel N.

Legal Consultant

Crypto lawyer ( turned NFT-enthusiast. He represents NFT developers, Defi projects, crypto exchanges, influencers, and other blockchain projects. He is the founder of The Ether Law Firm, which specializes in crypto and blockchain matters, and one of the Founders of an NFT-gaming project known as @DragonRascals.

Michael C. // Consultant // Genesis Team

Michael C.


From the UK, now based in Asia. Compliance professional with 10 years+ experience in the financial sector. Called to the Bar (England and Wales). Creative thinker focused on delivering the right outcomes.

Raquel S. // Marketing // Genesis Team

Raquel S.


Professional marketer, content writer and social media manager. Blogger for Lucky Maneki NFT brand. Published blogs and articles in several successful online publications.

Brice H. // Marketing // Genesis Team

Brice H.


He is a charmer, content creator, event host, marketing consultant, and brand ambassador. He has been a hardcore gamer since the age 2; proficient video editor, streamer, and overall solid human being.

Craig P. // Customer Journey // Genesis Team

Craig P.

Customer Journey

An Engineer with specialization in translating customers needs and wants into technical solutions that exceed expectations. Experienced at working with high value and demanding customers / users and supporting them through their journey.

Richard Bankole // Consultant // Genesis Team

Richard Bankole


A strategic thinker & problem-solving specialist, with a deep understanding of consumer psychology. 7+ years marketing experience with clients across the globe, and 3+ years at ad agencies (Omnicom, Genius Sports). Born in Dublin, living in London.

Votla // Artist // Genesis Team



He is a director, cinematographer and 3d visual artist based in the US. His work is meant to evoke a rich and sharp sense of memory and depth; every frame should be a painting.

Josh aka StoneyEye // Artist // Genesis Team



Music producer, artist, and musician. Proficient stencil/digital artist who’s featured in galleries around Los Angeles, album covers, large murals in office spaces around California, projection mapping light show’s, and more.

More bios are being written and coming soon. Want to join the revolution? Get in touch

Genesis NFT Collections will be launching with genesis #NFT collections made by the worlds most talented artists. Here is a glimpse into a few of them.

Warriors of Legend by NeonKenji

A dive into the history of the worlds most profound warriors.

Red // Blue by Volta

A journey through the depths of mental health.

Cosmic Queens // by StoneyEye

The Universe has responded; the Cosmic Queens are here. Are you ready?

More projects are finalizing their trailers and coming soon. Want to launch an exclusive genesis collection? Get in touch

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The genesis foundation team is constantly expanding. Whether you are looking to onboard your community to the genesis launch, or contribute solely to the genesis build of the platform, we want to hear from you.

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